Apply To Serve On Theory of Action Task Force


The Cedar Rapids Community School District is dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement. More specifically, we are working to personalize the school experience for each student while still building on the strong foundation and rich traditions that endure in the District. During 2016 we will engage in a Theory of Action process that will guide these efforts moving forward.

Simply stated, a Theory of Action is an organization’s story of how and why the world can be made different by its efforts. It is a system of rules, procedures, and assumptions used to produce a result.  A simple example is weight loss. With that as the intended result, the rules, procedures, and assumptions may include additional physical activity, the use of data tracking technologies, teaming with an accountability partner, and changes in diet. The belief being that by engaging in these actions and activities the result of weight loss will be more likely.

District stakeholders are invited to participate in the development of a Theory of Action for the Cedar Rapids Community School District. We want to involve representatives from all of our employee groups, as well as parents, guardians, students, and community members in developing the document.

The Theory of Action Task Force will meet twice in February to draft the outline. During March, the outline will be reviewed and evaluated by principals, teachers, and staff members at our schools, and by community members through our website. Input gathered through the vetting process will then guide the Task Force in developing the Theory of Action document during meetings in April and May. The recommended document will be presented to the Board of Education in June.

The Task Force will meet on February 3, February 17, April 20, and May 16. Each meeting will be held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the Educational Leadership and Support Center (ELSC), 2500 Edgewood Road NW. To maintain the integrity of the process, participants must attend all four of the meetings. Applications will be accepted until Monday, Jan. 18.

Apply HereThe Task Force will include 75-90 people; the application process allows us to engage a diverse representation of our District community in this important work. All applicants will be notified by Friday, Jan. 22.

Our District vision is “Excellence for All” and our Theory of Action will champion the rules, procedures, and assumptions most likely to lead to that for our students.

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