Board of Education Comments on Washington High School

August 4, 2016 08:45 AM

Statement from Board President

The School Board continues to receive regular updates from the District’s administration and legal counsel regarding the pending investigation at Washington High School (WHS).  Due to the fact that the pending investigation involves personnel matters, the Board is legally prevented from making any comments about the specifics of the investigation.

Although some events being reviewed as part of the investigation occurred earlier this year, some additional information came to light in recent days.   The Board will be notified when the investigation by the District’s administration and legal counsel has been completed.  The Board will review the results of the investigation and take appropriate action based upon any recommendations that are made as a result.

The Board has five of seven members with children who attend or have attended Washington High School and are aware of the inopportune timing of Dr. Plagman’s resignation; it is unfortunate that his long tenure at WHS ended this way. Given information we’re aware of to-date, we are supportive of actions taken by District administration under consultation with our legal counsel.

This afternoon, the staff at WHS were provided the following information by District administration regarding a proposed process and timeline for the selection of an interim principal for the 2016-17 school year and for a principal for the 2017-18 school year.  This process was developed by the District to fill the recently created vacancy in the principal position at WHS.

As one WHS parent posted on social media today, “... (we) need to prepare to openly welcome the new principal who will replace (Dr. Plagman). He or she will be stepping into an enormous role. Applying anger or sadness in his or her direction is not following the example that Dr. Plagman has demonstrated to the Warrior family over the years....we need to do our best to continue to make Washington High School the wonderful school that it is. And we all need to take on the role that he has always done...Learn everyone's name. Support all groups and go to events...even if your kid isn't involved. Encourage academic excellence in our kids. Celebrate our diversity. Be enthusiastic. Support the staff and be their cheerleaders. And continue to make everyday a great day to be a Warrior.” We couldn’t agree more.

John Laverty
Board of Education
Cedar Rapids Community School District

Board of Education Comments on Washington High School


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