Buck Visits Alma Mater

Dr. Brad Buck talks to Jefferson students.

Dr. Brad Buck, Director of the Iowa Department of Education, visited Jefferson High School on Oct. 16 to meet with members of the National Honor Society. Buck is a graduate of the high school. 

“Dr. Buck told us that the philosophies that guided him into being a leader were collaboration and trust,” shared Alyanna Subayno, NHS public relations officer. “He stated that it's important to work with others to gain different insights. He also pointed out that sometimes it’s best not to be the smartest student in the room, explaining the importance of allowing yourself to learn from others and surrounding yourself with students who are also willing to learn.”

Following the panel discussion, Buck participated in a school tour and reflected on his own high school experiences at Jefferson.

“The NHS members really enjoyed the discussion panel and learned a lot about education in the 21st century,” Subayno added.

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