Cedar River Academy - Composting


We have to admit. This story is borderline GROSS!

We have to share the life lessons the "gross" nature is cultivating. Students love it. At Cedar River Academy at Taylor Elementary School every school day after each breakfast and lunch sitting, there is a process. Students leave the cafeteria, by dumping out there milk cartons, getting rid of their un-eaten food, and then throwing away their garbage, and finally returning their tray.  

That is usually the end; students move on to a morning or afternoon of learning. Well, not so fast, that is where this story takes off.

A small student team gloves up and digs in!  They sort items. Move bits and pieces. They wipe out plastic containers. They are on the quest to find what is compostable and what is not — making them the ultimate Compost Ninjas!

CRA's mission to develop a community of high achieving, future-ready learners with a passion for the sustainability of our environment, our community and our selves. Working with a school community partner, The Compost Ninja, these elementary students are taking that passion for sustainability to another level. CRA food waste goes into a Compost Ninja container, the community partner picks it up two times a week and taken to The Compost Ninja composting headquarters. The compost will be harvest in the spring and will fill the school gardens to grow more food.  

Check out the CRA's ninjas in action -

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