Community Input Meetings Scheduled for Facilities Discussion

November 30, 2016 12:30 PM
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The Cedar Rapids Community School District wants to hear from stakeholders regarding future facility and programming needs. Three public forums have been scheduled to invite their input. Community input sessions will be held from 
6:30 – 8:00 p.m. on December 13 (Kennedy High School cafeteria); December 14 (Washington High School cafeteria); and December 15 (Jefferson High School band room). 

Parents, employees, students, and interested community members are encouraged to attend the session that best fits their schedule.

“As we look to the future of our school district community it would be our sincere hope that we could include as many voice as possible in shaping this important work,” explained Dr. Brad Buck, Superintendent. “We recognize that this is a busy time of the year for everyone and appreciate everyone’s willingness to consider attending one of these sessions as a priority.”

The District’s “Reimagine, Re-envision, and Reinvest” Facilities Master Planning effort was launched by a number of important factors and is supported and directed by the Board of Education. These include:

  • ever-increasing pressure on funding streams to support facility needs and improvements,
  • potential replacement of schools,
  • the possibility of needing new school facilities, necessary changes within the learning environment, and
  • the location of District families within the community.

A Master Facilities Committee, including parents, students, employees, business and industry leaders, and other community members, began meeting earlier this fall, both as a large group and in sub-committee discussions. Conversations have been focused on the key topics of: finance, program offerings, grade configuration, new schools/school renovations, and criteria for closing or repurposing schools. The public forums will provide an opportunity for Committee members to share that work and to bring additional voices to the conversation. A proposed District Facilities Plan is expected to be submitted to the Board of Education next fall. 

At each community input meeting, District leaders will present background information and participants will have the opportunity to meeting with Committee members and subject-matter experts to hear about the work of the sub-committees. Attendees can move between topics at their own pace.

“We are interested to share conversations to this point and to hear from our community about their experiences and desires regarding our facility and related needs going forward,” said Dr. Buck. “As part of the process we also believe that we have a responsibility to our students, staff members, and community to investigate all options as we consider the factors impacting this conversation.”   

A community input survey related focused on the facilities master planning effort will be available on the District’s website from Dec. 13-30, 2016.

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