Congratulations to Kids on Course Founder Zach Johnson

July 23, 2015 12:23 PM
Kids On Course University - Reading Practice

At the end of an exciting final round at the 2015 British Open, the win and coveted Claret Jug went to Zach Johnson. The Cedar Rapids native, who had won the Masters in 2007, is one of only six golfers to win both prestigious tournaments. The Cedar Rapids Community School District is proud to be part of Zach’s winning team through his Kids on Course Program.

Kids on Course is a nonprofit program of Johnson’s Foundation and supports students attending Grant, Harrison, and Van Buren Elementary Schools, and Roosevelt and Wilson Middle Schools. The program provides participating students and their families with tutoring, enrichment activities, parent engagement strategies, and health supports. Creative and inventive opportunities help to connect students and families to the community, schools, and higher learning. The program theory is that student who fully participate in Kids on Course during the school year will see rapid growth toward grade level achievement in literacy. 

“Zach Johnson has brought wonderful opportunities to the students of the Cedar Rapids Community School District,” noted Val Dolezal, Executive Administrator of Preschool – 8th Grade. “Over the past four years, the work of Kids on Course through the Zach Johnson Foundation has changed the lives of many students and families, allowing them to be winners!  It is great to celebrate this great win with Zach.” 

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