Counselors Continue Transformation Effort

District guidance counselors continue to revise processes to be more data-focused and goal-driven.

District guidance counselors participated in professional development on Nov. 14, continuing with their third and final year with consultants from the National Center for Transforming School Counseling. The process has involved all K-12 counselors in revising processes to be more data-focused and goal-driven. A District team of school counselor leaders will continue the effort to re-shape the role of counselors and align their work with the school improvement process, the current equity initiative and the national standards for school counselors. Supporting school counselors as leaders is intended to provide another set of eyes for building administrators when looking at the building’s school improvement efforts.

“School counselors are uniquely positioned to assess the impact that improvement efforts have on students,” explained Paul Hayes, Executive Manager of Learning Supports. “By increasing their skills in the collection and analysis of student data and by providing opportunities to coach and facilitate processes, they are now integral players in not only identifying the achievement and opportunity gaps for all students, but in implementing quality strategies for closing that gap.”

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