Dear CRCSD Families


Dear CRCSD Families,

The entire CRCSD COVID-19 response team, our Board of Directors, and I continue to wish for you and your family members good health and emotional clarity during these weeks. This is just a brief update on key items, as we move through this week.

By now you are beginning to receive more frequent communications from your student’s building principal and instructors. We certainly hope these communications prove to be valuable emotionally and academically for the child(ren) in your care. We also understand that the frequency and volume of communications may be experienced unevenly throughout our district by our families. Feedback is also uneven: some of you have expressed appreciation for the volume and content of our communications, others feel it has been too light in content, and yet others are feeling overwhelmed. We will continue to work together to finesse our procedures to ensure each family is properly supported in the context of communication. 

As we communicated last week, our Continuous Learning Plan has been approved by the Iowa Department of Education and we look forward to supporting students in the coming weeks with this plan as our guide. There is some misinformation being communicated regarding whether or not we will be required to make up these days missed. Please know that even though we are going with the "optional" route for our Continuous Learning Plan, we will not need to make up missed school days. Making up missed school days would only be required if we chose to go with neither "optional" nor "required" options for continuous learning.

Finally and most importantly, I want to extend my continued gratitude for the dedication to the Cedar Rapids community and our CRCSD community that each of you may be expressing in your own unique way. Our community values are being tested at this time. We must continue to be united and support each other. I’m extremely proud of our school staff and all of our community members who have stepped up to this challenge. Let’s continue to put the interests and safety of our students and families and the members of our entire Cedar Rapids community at the center of our work as we navigate this global challenge together.

If, at any time, you have questions that are not addressed in communications from either the district level or the schools, please reach out to us and graciously provide us with an opportunity to support you. You may contact the Community Relations Office at or your building principal directly and we will work to answer your specific questions. 

With deep gratitude,
Noreen Bush, Superintendent

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