Basic Group Term Life

Your Basic Term Life Insurance Plan

Enrollment / Beneficiary Form


Basic Term Life Insurance Coverage Amounts by Work Groups


Certified: Teachers, Nurses

Custodial, Maintenance, Printing Dept.

DayCare – Coordinators, Asst. Coordinators, Site Directors, Asst. Directors, On-Site Supervisors 

Food Nutrition

Hearing Interpreters

Non-Administrative Meet & Confer

Painters, Carpenters, Bus Drivers, Attendants

Secretarial – Clerical


Termination of Coverage

PORTABILITY – You can apply to continue your terminated Life and AD&D Insurance until age 80 if certain conditions are met. AD&D insurance may only be ported if the Life Insurance is ported, and before you reach age 70. You must apply for portability within 31 days of the date your insurance terminates. You may elect to decrease your ported coverage, but you will not be eligible to increase your ported coverage. The minimum amount of your Life Insurance that you can apply to port is $5,000.

Group Life Portability Application

Your application for portability is subject to approval by ReliaStar Life. If you are not approved or you do not want to apply for portability you may still be eligible for conversion.

COVERSION RIGHTS – You may convert this insurance by applying and paying the first premium for an individual policy within 31 days after any part of your Life Insurance under the Group Policy stops. Proof of good health is not required. Premiums for the new policy are based on your age on the date of the conversion.

Death Claim Form

The Death Claim Form is available at the Cedar Rapids Community School District’s Benefits Office.