Back-to-school information

This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

How to Enroll in CRCSD

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Budgeting and Finance

Business Services – Budget and Financials 

The Budget and Financial department helps the community better understand the financial picture of the District. View the Budget At a Glance. Click here for a list of local option sales tax (SILO) projects. Click here for an overview of the budget as presented to the Board of Education on September 24, 2012.

Annual Budget

The Proposed School District Budget Summary and Supplemental Detail, (Certified Budget) is required by Iowa Statute to be filed with the Linn County Auditor by April 15, of each year. The “Certified Budget” provides the data that is the basis of the school property tax levy to begin on July 1, immediately following the April 15th mentioned deadline above, and run through June 30, of the following calendar year. In addition, the “Certified Budget” establishes the legal expenditure limit in each of the various expenditure categories of the District.

Line Item Budget

The Line Item Budget, which follows the development of the Certified Budget, is designed to server as a management tool. It is the culmination of a six-month development process as described with the Organizational Section of the Budget Document. The purpose of the Line Item Budget is to provide timely information with which to make strategic decisions that ultimately affect the quality of education provided to our children.

View the 2019-20 budget

View the 2018-19 budget

View the 2017-18 budget

View the 2016-17 budget

View the 2015-16 budget

View the 2014-15 budget

View the 2013-14 budget

State Required Financial Information

School District Financial Report Card

To access the Cedar Rapids School District financial report card click on the link above. It will take you to the Iowa Department of Education website for the school financial report cards. Once you are there simply select Cedar Rapids Comm School District from the pull down list of Iowa public school districts. You will then see the report card for the Cedar Rapids Community School District.