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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Building Principal

“Regardless the structures or model, effective high-quality induction requires the active participation of the principal.”  
-Ellen Moir, CEO, New Teacher Center

Current research describes how school leaders play an essential role in teacher development, effectiveness, and new teacher induction.   The level of support that a building principal provides a beginning teacher has a direct impact on the beginning teacher’s decision to continue in the teaching profession.

Principal’s role in new teacher induction is critical!  They set the stage for success for Beginning Teachers and their Induction Coaches.  To support new teacher induction, principals can:

  • Be aware of challenges beginning teachers face.

  • Remind the staff that the new teacher is still learning.

  • Value and articulate the vitality that new teachers bring to the school.

  • Understand the components of an effective induction program.

  • Know the role of the Induction Coach

(Anne Watkins, Senior Director, Teacher Induction, NTC, January 2011)


What role does a principal play in beginning teacher support?

Role of the Principal

What might the relationship between beginning teacher, principal, and Induction Coach include?

Three Part Collaboration