Websites for Spanish games and learning activities:

Youtube Videos:
SpanishDict’s videos are definitely a joy to watch, mainly because they are very organized and of very high quality. Use these if you are looking for a more interactive experience; they are sure to get you excited about the language!

“Dolor de Cabeza” is a catchy and entertaining song that the kids have used in class to learn body parts. This silly video adds colorful clip art to the song your child loves!

The Spanish version of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes is sung by characters in colorful costumes.

A colorful video that helps practice counting from 10-20 and 20-10.

A fun song to practice learning the months of the year. This is something new that the first and second grade students will be learning this year.

Songs to sing:

Here are some clips of songs your children sing in Spanish class:

  • ‘Hola’ is a song we sing when we greet each other at the beginning of class.
  • ‘Buenos Dias’ is another song we sing to greet each other at the beginning of class.
  • ‘Formas’ is a song that we sing to practice drawing all of our shapes.
  • ‘Puedo contar a diez’ is a song to practice counting from 1-10.
  • ‘Tengo Tengo’ is a song and game we sing to practice our colors.
  • ‘Adios’ is a song we sing when we say good-bye at the end of class.

More learning and Fun…
Salsa is an award-winning video series from Georgia Public Broadcasting. This Sesame Street-type program uses puppets to teach Spanish through stories and skits.