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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Evaluation Information and Forms

If you would like to save a copy of one of the originals for quick access, you can open the file by clicking the link and then choosing open. Then go to File, Send Page by E-mail. Send it to yourself. This will allow you to save the original file from Outlook. This works for Excel and Word documents.

Non-Administrative Meet & Confer Staff Evaluation Forms

· Supervisors 
· Specialists, Technicians, Liaisons, Confidential Secretaries, ITT, Liaisons, Short-Term Contracts
· Evaluator Instructions

Teacher & Nurse Evaluation Form

Teacher Evaluation Video Overview - Video Link

· CRCSD Teaching Standards & Nurse Standards Crosswalk

· 1st Year Teacher Summative Evaluation Form

· 2nd Year Teacher Summative Evaluation Form

· 3rd Year Teacher Summative Evaluation Form

· School Nurse Pre and Post Observation - Reflection Form

· Teacher Pre and Post Observation – Reflection Form

· Teacher Observation (Co-Plan) Form

· Negotiated Agreement Excerpt 
CREA Negotiated Agreement: Article XI
Teacher Evaluation Memorandum of Understanding

· Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria 
The New Art and Science of Teaching: Marzano Instructional Framework
CRCSD Iowa Teaching Standards Marzano Crosswalk
Marzano Teacher Evaluation Scales and Evidences
Iowa Standards/Criteria (Word document)
Iowa Standards/Criteria half page format (PDF)

Individual Professional Development Plan Forms

Annual Administrative Conference
Teacher IPDP / Peer Review
Peer Review FAQs

· Sample IPDP’s
Exploratory PLC
Reading Fluency

Support Procedures

For teachers/nurses needing assistance meeting one or more of the Iowa Standards

Administrator Evaluation
(for principals and certified members of executive council)

Teacher Associate Evaluation

· Associate Evaluation Form

Secretaries Evaluation (not Confidential Secretaries)

· Negotiated Agreement Excerpt

· Secretaries Evaluation Form