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This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

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Fiscal Accountability

CRCSD Financial Integrity Hotline


The ongoing success of the Cedar Rapids Community School District depends on all employees conducting business with integrity. Ethical financial management is critical to our mission. If you feel that someone who works for or with the District is engaged in financial mismanagement, please speak up!

To report the misuse of District funds, you may contact your supervisor or principal. He or she is responsible for listening to your concerns and addressing them.

If, however, you would feel more comfortable bringing your concerns forward anonymously, you can use the District’s new FINANCIAL INTEGRITY HOTLINE. This program is designed specifically for reporting allegations of financial mismanagement. In submitting a report, you may remain anonymous or identify yourself to be contacted later if additional details are needed. In either case, your information will be treated confidentially.

To submit a report, or to follow up on a report already submitted, you can call or use a web-based system. The contact information for both is listed below. Your report will be handled promptly and confidentially as long as it is submitted in good faith.



Safe, reliable and convenient. Toll-free, anonymous, always available.

Also available on the Web at

Examples of financial mismanagement include:

  • Theft 
  • Fraudulent accounting or financial reporting 
  • Misuse or abuse of District assets

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