Leave Guidelines

Emergency Leave Clarification and Guidance

This webpage is intended to be used as guidance related to the use of emergency leave. The list is not meant to exclude other purposes for which an employee might request emergency leave.

To attend activities related to a child’s (as defined below) educational experiences such as graduations, field trips and college visits. (Child is defined as your child, children in your custody or grandchildren.)

For visits with family members serving in the military.

To participate in a personal or family member’s (or significant other’s) award or recognition event. (This would include trips won during a prize drawing.)

Travel or attendance at celebrations such as weddings, confirmations, christenings, family or class reunions and graduations.

For necessary personal business matters that occur during the contract day. 
Purposes that may not be appropriate for emergency leave are those which involve preference and/or convenience. Leaves of this nature should be requested as personal leave. Personal leave may also be available if you choose not to disclose the reason for the leave.