Leave Procedures

Resolution Team Role in Leave Procedures for Teachers / Nurses & Paraeducators (Associates)

The agreements between the Cedar Rapids Education Association and the Cedar Rapids Organization of Teacher Associates and the Cedar Rapids Community Schools govern all teachers/nurses and paraeducators under contract with the Cedar Rapids Community Schools regardless of their affiliation with the Cedar Rapids Education Association or the Cedar Rapids Organization of Teacher Associates.

Article VIII addresses Teacher/Nurse Leaves of Absence and Article VI addresses Paraeducator Leaves of Absence in their respective contracts. Clarification and the role of the District Resolution Team is the purpose of this document.

In several instances the Resolution Team is referenced concerning the granting of leave in contract agreements for both Teachers/Nurses and Paraeducators (Associates).

Pregnancy and Paternity 


Pregnancy and Paternity leaves may be supplemented by an agreement to borrow ahead from personal illness leave, if an employee does not have up to 6 weeks (from the date of birth) for maternity and 10 days for paternity. An agreement to borrow must be requested and approved by the Resolution Team. This may occur only if the employee is working under a Teacher/Nurse continuing contract for the District. Since the state law does not require an Associate be issued a continuing contract after a certain length of employment, the potential for future employment may be a determining factor in approving borrowed personal illness leave. Under the agreement the employee may be expected to use any personal leave, allowed to use emergency leave, and borrow ahead personal illness leave. The employee agrees to repay the borrowed personal illness leave by having it deducted from future allocations over a 1 to 3 year period of time and be monetarily responsible for the cost of any remaining personal illness leave not repaid, should he/she leave employment with the District. The employee also has the option of accessing District leave. This is a District-sponsored benefit for teachers who are at least .50 FTE and associates who are at least .75 FTE. Eligible employees may receive 70% pay once they have been unable to work for 30 days. In cases where the amount of leave needed exceeds that which the Resolution Team is willing to approve, Disability or unpaid leave are the only options.

Leave Conversions 

Only the Resolution Team has the ability to convert/substitute one type of leave for another. For example, a request may be made to the Resolution Team to convert personal illness leave and/or emergency leave to family illness leave when/if the employee’s personal situation and circumstances warrant the conversion.

Leave of Absence Reserve 

A request may be made to the Resolution Team to access the Leave of Absence Reserve. The Reserve was created to address unique or unusual situations in which an employee is caring for a critically ill family member or for other unusual circumstances for which regular leaves have been exhausted and there is no alternative. A provision in the application states that other purposes deemed appropriate by the Resolution Team could also warrant approval of leave from the reserve. Upon receiving a request to access the Resolution Team Leave of Absence Reserve, team members will seek data necessary to help make their decision, including contacting the immediate supervisor(s) of the employee for his/her/their input.


Tania Johnson, Resolution Team Facilitator, is many times the entry contact for leave requests and application to the Leave Reserve, tajohnson@cr.k12.ia.us However; a request may be made through any of the team members.

  • Tania Johnson
  • Jill Cirivello
  • Sheila Lehman
  • Kim Miller 
  • Kandy Bekeris
  • Mary Ellen Maske
  • Val Dolezal

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