Preventative Maintenance

Jefferson High School Geo thermal

Preventative maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions to be taken on mechanical equipment based on a manufacturer’s recommendation.  It is a proactive method of maintaining equipment, rather than a reactive method. 

Preventive maintenance is very important for several reasons:

  • It helps in preventing premature breakdowns in equipment. 
  • Allows maintenance personnel to see smaller problems that can be repaired at a much lower cost. 
  • Keeps equipment running in the efficient manner that it was designed for. 
  • It insures a positive healthy learning environment for our students and staff.

For example:  A heat pump ventilator needs to have its filter changed on a routine schedule.  Cost  for a new filter is about $3.00.  Failure in not changing an air filter creates restricted air flow, this causes the compressor and fan motor to work harder and could lead to premature failure.  The cost of new compressor is appoximately $1200 and the cost of a fan motor is around $300. In addition to the cost,the air quaility for our students and staff is affected.  

Today, the Cedar Rapids Community School District currently has over 6,000 pieces of mechanical equipment in place. To make the preventive maintenance program efficient and effective, the district is currently using a program called SchoolDude Maintenance Direct. This program is a tool that aids in scheduled maintenance, tracks costs on maintaining and repairs, and gives direction on each piece of equipment on specifically what needs to be done.


Preventative Maintenance Specialist:

Andy Parke