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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Prime Time

What is the Prime Time program?

Prime Time is a demanding academic program that serves second and third grade students in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. Students selected for Prime Time have demonstrated potential in a specific intellectual area.

How do students become involved in Prime Time?

District resource specialists with training in serving gifted and talented students conduct classroom screening at the beginning of each semester. These screenings consist of observations of student responses to activities directly related to the Prime Time unit that will be delivered that semester. The classroom teacher assists the resource specialist with prior knowledge about the student’s ability as appropriate. Once a final pool of highly able candidates has been identified, the resource specialist, classroom teachers, and other appropriate building staff meet to determine which students will benefit the most from the program. Approximately 6% of the students from each grade level can be served. Parents of students selected to participate in the forthcoming semester are notified by mail and are invited to an informational meeting.

What intellectual/academic areas are included in the Prime Time curriculum?

First semester Prime Time delivers instruction in math and/or science in units that are supported by logical and analytical thinking skills. Second semester Prime Time delvers instruction with a reading and writing foundation in units that are supported by verbal and creative thinking skills.

How is Prime Time instruction organized?

District resource specialists meet with students selected for Prime Time twice a week for classes that are usually 45 minutes long, and will meet over the length of a semester for approximately 20 lessons. Classes meet at the student’s school, usually in a special classroom or the IMC. Classes are small, thus leading to more opportunities for the teacher to interact with each student.

How often can a child participate in Prime Time?

There are no limits on Prime Time participation. Screenings are conducted each semester. Some students have exceptional talents in all areas; others are talented in specific areas. Prime Time seeks to address different areas of intellectual strength and to provide children with initial exploratory experiences in gifted education. However, a placement in Prime Time does not guarantee further placements. Children develop their intellectual strengths in varying stages and at varying speeds during their school careers; the purpose of Prime Time is to serve students demonstrating the greatest need for extended programming each semester.

How do I find out more about Prime Time?

Contact the manager at your school, or the District Office at 558-2220, for additional information about identification procedures and Program for Academic and Creative Talent. As a parent, you can provide valuable insights and information about your child’s exceptional abilities.

I missed the parent meeting, can I still get the information?

Of course! The slideshow that was presented can be viewed below. If you have any questions, please contact your schools’ PACT teacher.