Reimagine, Re-envision, and Reinvest-test

...Creating a Facility Master Plan


Our journey to Reimagine, Re-envision, and Reinvest in our students and school facilities is underway. This effort is driven by a number of important factors and we believe that we have a responsibility to our students, staff members, and community to investigate all options as we consider the factors impacting this conversation. These include:

  • ever-increasing pressure on funding streams to support facility needs and improvements,
  • potential replacement of schools,
  • the possibility of needing new school facilities,
  • necessary changes within the learning environment, and 
  • the location of District families within the community.

In order to address all of these critical issues and factors, we have formed a Master Facilities Committee, including parents, employees, business and industry leaders, and other community members, to engage in large group conversation, as well as sub-committee discussions around:

  • Finance subcommittee members will engage in conversations around District finances including the use of the General Fund, Physical Plant & Equipment Levy Fund (PPEL) and Secure and Advance Vision for Education Fund (SAVE), for use in financing improvements to our existing schools and possible future schools.
  • The District Program Offerings subcommittee will engage in conversations on such topics as innovative learning, 21st Century Learning, students with special needs, English language learners, and other program offerings that influence existing and future facilities design.
  • Conversations of the Grade Configuration subcommittee will focus on how our student grade levels are configured and the alignment of District boundaries at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.
  • The New Schools / School Renovations subcommittee will engage in discussions about what key elements or “triggers” should be considered when determining where to locate a new school or when and how to renovate an existing school.
  • The focus of the Closing and Repurposing of Schools subcommittee will be on identifying the key elements or “triggers” that should be considered when determining whether to close or repurpose an existing school.

The Committee of 85 volunteers will meet approximately a dozen times over the next several months. Sub-committee work will be supported by subject matter experts within each topic area.  There will also be opportunities during the process for other District stakeholders to provide additional feedback on the work. A Facilities Plan will be submitted to the Board of Education for consideration on September 25, 2017, with the consideration for final Board adoption planned for October 23, 2017. 

We value your input on the Facilities Master Planning process.Clickheresmall to the data and information that the RSP and Associates consulting firm has shared with our Board of Education, Committee, and community during our 3Rs journey.  Please note: We have made adjustments and refinements to some informational exhibits based on lessons learned during the process. We are making both the original and updated versions available.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Steve Graham, Executive Director of Business Services, at or 319-558-1237.