Resolution Team

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The Resolution Team is a representative group of employees and district administrators whose purpose is to solve issues / problems. The goal is to prevent problems (staff concerns, administrators’ concerns, physical plant issues, interpersonal issues, etc. etc. etc.) from getting in the way of student learning.


The Deputy Superintendent
(Mary Ellen Maske )

The Executive Director of Human Resources 

The Executive Director of Special Services
(Wendy Parker

The Executive Director of PK-5 
(Val Dolezal )

The Resolution Team Facilitator and Cedar Rapids Education Association (CREA) President
(Tania Johnson )

The Cedar Rapids Education Association Vice President-designee
(Eriece Colbert )

The Cedar Rapids Education Association Protecting Members Rights Committee Chair
(Shawn Thomsen )

The Cedar Rapids Organization of Teacher Associates (CROTA) President 
( )

The Cedar Rapids Education Association Executive Director 
(Kim Miller )


The Resolution Team meets monthly. Between meetings, routine business, such as investigation and gathering of information is conducted by the team on a continuing need basis.


We meet at the District Educational Service Center for our Team meetings. However, many of the investigations and follow-up meetings are conducted on-site at the affected building.


The team allows us to deal more directly with the actual problem, and at the lowest level of stress/anxiety/confrontation. We are not constrained by having to identify the problem purely in contractual or arbitral terms. We are able to avoid posturing, positional stand-offs, threats, vilification, victimization and having winners and losers. We try hard to do what is best for our students, while still arriving at the best possible compromise/solution for the affected employee(s).


Resolution Team agenda items are compiled by the facilitator and come from teachers, paraeducators, administrators, parents, students, school board, legislature, etc. These items are accepted by any of the team members providing the person/s submitting has attempted a solution at the building level, is able to communicate/verify the attempt, and the outcome has not or cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion without further assistance. Many times agenda items are completely informational communication between the district and employees.

Dissemination and Systematic Application? 

Informational minutes that have been written by the facilitator and edited by the team members go to all administrators, teachers and paraeducators in a generic format to protect confidentiality. Minutes are kept in a sort-able, electronic format and are reviewed as similar cases are brought to the team.