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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.


Resources for Families and Staff

The following books may be available in your school IMC:

Itchy Richard by Jamie Bilson. A group of second graders react to a case of lice in their classroom. 
Those Itsy-Bitsy Teen-Tiny Not So Nice Head Lice by Judith Rice. A how-to-book written in English and Spanish. 
Yikes Lice by Donna Caffey. A book to remind children and families that head lice are a nuisance but are not something to be feared. 
Lots of Lice by Bobbi Katz. Reading level 3. Grades 1 and 2.

The following video is available through your school nurse::

Health Heads: Tips for Treating Head Lice, an 11-minute video developed by Health Services, Cedar Rapids Community School District, January 2001. 
Website Resources: