Volunteer Policy & Guidelines

Volunteer Participation - Board of Education Policy 1002

The Cedar Rapids Community School District Board of Directors recognizes the need to maintain a District Volunteer Services Program to support classroom instruction and co-curricular activities. The Board encourages ongoing and active volunteer involvement by individuals and groups within the schools, as well as at the central administration office and in supervised off-site activities before, during, and after school hours. The District shall make every reasonable effort to provide a safe learning environment for students working with volunteers. 

Use of the volunteer services in each school is encouraged as a means of involving the community in the instructional program. The Building Volunteer Coordinator will assist in the recruitment and training of persons willing to contribute their time to work in the schools. Activities of volunteers may include general assistance in the schools and classrooms, special help in the reinforcement of skills, and involvement with enrichment activities that align with curriculum. 

Guidelines for Volunteers

Your role as an education volunteer in the Cedar Rapids Community School District is important and appreciated. The following expectations and responsibilities are critical to the success of this position:

  • All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Disclosure Statement, per Board Procedure 1002.a.  Any identified convictions will require a background check, interview with a District administrator, and specific approval (denial).
  • Volunteers serve only in an auxiliary capacity under the direction and supervision of professional school personnel and with the approval of the building administration.
  • All volunteers must sign in and out at the main office and wear a nametag.
  • Be prompt and consistent in your attendance. Teachers and students are depending on you. Notify the appropriate school employee as soon as possible if you can’t attend at your scheduled time.
  • Never be left alone with a student out of the view of other people. There should always be visual or auditory contact between you and a school employee.
  • Your role as a volunteer does not include disciplining students. Report any concerns to the appropriate school employee.
  • A volunteer does not have access to confidential files and records.
  • Be a positive role model for children in attitude, language, and behavior.
  • Be respectful of children’s diversity of culture, religion, and background. Don’t assume a child celebrates the same holidays as you. Also don’t assume the make-up of a child’s family (size, race, or gender). Practice correct pronunciation of the children’s names if unfamiliar.
  • Volunteers must maintain confidentiality of students and staff.
  • Be aware of how you interact with students. Don’t initiate touching a child (hand-holding, hugs, lap-sitting). It’s fine for you to respond to a child’s initiation of appropriate touch.
  • Establish and maintain respectful, honest communication with school staff and other volunteers.
  • Never use profanity, be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, smoke, carry a weapon, solicit, or proselytize while on school grounds
  • Positive closure is critical in the process of ending your role as a volunteer. Make sure school staff and the children you work with are clear about your end date. The children need to understand that you’ve enjoyed your time working with them.

Volunteer Dismissal

The schools have the right to dismiss any volunteer who is deemed to have engaged in inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, that described above. If a volunteer is dismissed, the District reserves the right not to reassign the volunteer at another school.