District and City Partnering to Engage Community


The District is partnering with the City of Cedar Rapids in an effort to engage and collaborate with community members. Both entities invite input through online interactive sites. The school district's www.engagecrschools.com and the city's www.crtalks.com feature topics, polls, and questions intended to attract conversation and collaboration. The goal of both sites is to obtain widespread input and promote transparency.

"The key to a thriving community is citizen engagement," noted Jeff Pomeranz, Cedar Rapids City Manager. "These websites provide an easy way for citizens to stay engaged and provide feedback on a variety of relevant city and school district topics. We take the comments on CRtalks very seriously and look forward to building one great community together."

Both sites are relatively new. The District launched in February and the City introduced its site in July. As a way to promote conversations on both sites, the two are joining forces to promote a topic. Focusing on the Creative Corridor theme, the city is asking, "How do you express creativity?" while the school district poses the question, "How does your child express creativity?" Ideas generated could lead to a special event or activity in the community or schools.

"The school district values this opportunity to work with the City to support our mutual interest in collaborating with our community," noted Dr. Dave Benson, Cedar Rapids Community School District Superintendent.

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