District Hosts Equity Conversation

January 13, 2016 03:46 PM

Some 100 parents, staff and community members participated in the District Equity Conversation held Jan. 12. The event was hosted by the Board of Education as an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about current District equity initiatives and to share their ideas for additional programs and themes for moving forward.

“It was exciting to hear from the community about our ongoing equity efforts in the District,” said Dr. Brad Buck, Superintendent. “The comments and feedback we received will be compiled and the themes that emerge will continue to shape our work in the short and long term. We thank everyone who participated for their thoughtful and candid comments.”

Objectives of the District’s Equity Action Plan are: 

  1. Courageous Equity Leadership Development for District and site administrators
  2. Effective use of data to progress monitor student performance and guide instruction
  3. Increased community involvement 
  4. Recruitment/retention and promotion of a diverse workforce
  5. Increase high school graduation rates
  6. Decrease suspension/expulsions and referrals to Special Education


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