District Joins National Cohort

A District team recently met with members of the National Educator Association Foundation.

The National Educator Association Foundation has selected the Cedar Rapids Community Schools to join the NEA Foundation Institute for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, a national effort to build teacher-led instructional effectiveness.

The Cedar Rapids Community Schools union-district team was selected based on their use of well-defined processes to solve tough problems collaboratively, always including a re-evaluation of programs, and their effectiveness. Over the next year they will jointly study the implementation of their teacher leader program to learn how it can best contribute to enhanced instructional programs for students.

“The partnership with the NEA Foundation further supports the strong relationship between the Cedar Rapids Community School District and the Cedar Rapids Education Association,” said Dr. David Benson, Cedar Rapids Community School District Superintendent. “We look forward to this mutually-beneficial work to enhance the teaching profession.”

“The Cedar Rapids Education Association is very excited to be included in the 2014-2016 cohort,” said Tania Johnson, CREA President. “Having the support of the NEA Foundation to improve our Teacher Leadership System will be a huge plus. This is just one of many examples of our teacher’s union working collaboratively with administration to improve teaching and learning in our District. “  

The two-year program is designed to lead to significant changes in teaching and learning, becoming part of a network of collaborative teams tackling some of the most pressing issues in public education.

Teams were competitively selected based on applications co-authored by teacher union presidents and superintendents demonstrating their ability to address difficult issues of systems change and collaborative reform, with a sense of urgency and focus.

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