Film Sparks Community Discussion

October 7, 2016 09:30 AM

The District hosted a screening of the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” on Oct. 6. The film, directed by acclaimed documentarian Greg Whiteley, explores new approaches to teaching and learning. It has been an official selection of two dozen of the world’s top film festivals, including Sundance, Tribeca, and AFI DOCS. In the past year, more than 2,300 communities have booked a screening.  An interactive discussion with audience members followed the local showing held at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

“The film set the stage for very thoughtful dialogue between colleagues and community members about reimagining school,” noted teacher Jillian Schulte, event co-organizer. “As we work to continuously improve our system, it's important that our efforts reflect the skills that students need in the 21st century.”

Presenters“Our current education system was created in the 19th century and still to this day, has remained unchanged in regards to the larger system,” added teacher Cassidy Reinken, event co-organizer. “The screening provided an opportunity for educators, parents, and community members to participate in a reflective discussion focused on continuous improvement and increased student learning.”

One attendee noted, “It was interesting to trace the origins of our current educational system, how it was designed to work for a very different world, and think about not just better but essentially different ways that we need to adapt to meet the needs of every single student…not just most of them.”

Another local showing of the film may be scheduled during the current school year.

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