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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Kingston Stadium Ready for the Lights

August 30, 2019 03:25 PM
Kingston Stadium Ready for Friday Night Lights

For almost seven decades, Kingston Stadium has been the hub with hosting sporting eventing for the Cedar Rapids Community School District. Over the summer months, this stadium has been given a new two million dollar facelift to help it last for future decades. 

This Fall football teams from each of the three CRCSD high schools will notice improved safety with a new artificial turf surface. Part of the upgrades with the turf surface is the addition of a safety padding underneath the turf surface to cushion the student-athletes.

Fans in the stands will also see improved ADA compliant bleachers. Repairs were made to the concert areas underneath the seating along with new paint and sealants to protect the stadium. Also, the concrete area in the north horseshoe is no more. The concrete demolished, replaced with graded dirt, and seeded for a grassy area. New banners are attached to the fencing around the field, which highlight each high school and their marching bands. 

This spring, the track and field teams from each of the high schools will see benefits with the addition of another track lane. The eighth lane brings Kingston in line with other 4A stadiums across the state. 

In addition to football and track, Kingston stadium also hosts cheerleading, marching bands, and soccer games.  

See the transformation below. 

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