Latest round of Innovative Learning Projects announced


Committed to supporting dynamic and innovative learning environments, the District provides a process for staff to request technology-related resources that support creative learning environments. Including the most-recent awards, 21 proposals have so far been awarded. Funding is from technology SILO (School Infrastructure Local Option Tax) dollars.



Do not confine my learning in your time, I am a 21st Century Learner

Bridget Castelluccio and Patty Kucera

Technology in the 21st Century is fast-paced and ever-changing. That is what students today know as their reality. By infusing 1:1 Surface Pro tablets in our fourth grade classrooms, students can move to quality digital learning experiences. Such experiences increase student engagement and promote self-directed learning, keys to the success of an upper elementary student as a lifelong learner. The power of infusing Canvas, creative projects, research tools, and Microsoft products into the Core curriculum creates 21st Century learners and provides an individualized and differentiated learning experience. 



iPads in Vocal and Music Tech

Jody Nekvinda 

The 21st Century skills of technology, employability, and cooperation will be utilized with the increase of technology and by adding project-based learning to the music classroom. Students will be using various recording devices and apps on a weekly basis to create compositions and recordings. The use of iPads will aid the creation of individual and group projects allowing students with diverse backgrounds and music experiences to create personalized compositions. Submitted projects will be shared in class and in a “Night of Song.”  This program will co-exist with the traditional choir concert and will combine traditional choir music with a non-traditional, innovative approach.



Cross Curricular Integration…making innovation available to all kids, every moment, every day

Jennifer Nurre, Ashley Lyng, Staci Novak, and Cassidy Reinken

Teachers strongly believe in the power of cross-curricular integration with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), and are committed to exploring innovative means to integrate content beyond basic competency. We want to ensure our students have 21st Century skills and are able to problem solve, think critically, work collaboratively, and be technology literate.  Using electronic devices as tools for learning increases student engagement and motivation. We need to continue to personalize our students' learning and increase the rigor as we engage them in project-based learning experiences.  The devices will have a direct impact on all levels of student learning!



IPads for Individualized Instruction in the Early Foreign Language Classroom

Anna Ranbarger, Abbey Newton, and Joelle Schwartz

Learning a language requires frequent exposure and opportunities to speak. The exercises and games available to students will greatly increase their contact time with the language, and provide students an opportunity to practice target vocabulary that is individualized for their learning needs. The use of iPads will help create a learning environment where students can be creative in the language, while at the same time promoting 21st Century skills. By the end of fifth grade, then, students will have created a digital portfolio to showcase their learning. 

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