Metro Students Registering to Vote

A Metro student registers to vote

Metro High School government classes, along with several community partners, worked to grow democracy by holding a register to vote event for their school and their neighborhood.

Over the last month, students in government classes have been researching all aspects of the voting process, the rights of voters, and the registering to vote process. Students researched and gained valuable knowledge from the Linn County Auditors office, the Oak Hill Jackson neighborhood, and the ROC Center. 

"I think it is important to bring our learning to light, especially in our community, which is historically underrepresented at the polls. Helping our students understand the process of registering to vote will better help them become informed citizens to help others and promote the importance of voting," said Sarah Collingsworth, Social Studies and government teacher. 

One student expressed why he registered today. "I'm hoping to be a future Marine," said Ethan, Metro H.S. Junior. "I love my country, and this is important to me." 

Students gained an understanding of the process of democracy. They created signs and posters for the event. Also, they walked and knocked door to door in the Oak Hill Jackson neighborhood to get the word out about the event.  

"Democracy can be messy, nuanced, and rewarding, and we want our students to experience all those aspects," said Trevor Templeman, Social Studies and government teacher. "Our goal is to help young people become active citizens, and this process gives them some experience." 

One registering Metro student, Thomas stated, "It feels like a responsibility that I need to take part in."

Metro Register to Vote

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