Initiatives in Action


Green Team Initiatives

Roosevelt_Green_Machines_Initiative_in_Action1 Roosevelt Green Team Art Roosevelt Green Team Art

Junk Art
Students use their imagination and create things! With so much waste in the world today- students learn to create art using the things around them that might typically be thrown away.

Art Journal
Students create their own personal and unique art journal using repurposed books and a wide variety of art materials.

Global Art
Students explore our diverse world full of different styles of artwork. It offers an opportunity to look into other cultures’ artwork to gain inspiration and develop your own unique style of art.

Music Engineering
Student discover the language of music and the "nuts and bolts" of how music works. Student create their own instruments, repurposing various materials.

Makerspace Lab
Roosevelt’s makerspace lab offers a wide variety of educational challenges and activities. From kits to virtual challenges, nearly everything is done using recycled materials.

Project Showcase
Mini golf, fresh veggies and roller coasters were rocking the house as 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Pods displayed their learning for parents and community members in a project showcase. Every project used and re-used recycled materials.

Recycling Crew
Building Engineer, Andrew Riek and 8th POD teacher Diane Kramer lead the 8th grade pod in our all building recycling crew on Friday’s.

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