More Schools Accept The Blue Zone Challenge

Fourteen District schools are currently working to achieve designation as Blue Zones Schools. An informational ‘Summit’ was held Nov. 21 to kick off the process.

Fourteen District schools have accepted the Blue Zones Schools Challenge! This means they are working work to complete the process leading to designation as a Blue Zones School this school year. A “Challenge Summit” was held at the Educational Leadership and Support Center on Nov. 21 to provide these building leaders with information and resources/tools to support their efforts.

The effort involves implementing policies and programs which create a learning environment that supports well-being of students and staff. This may include such things as providing a tobacco-free campus, making changes to the lunchroom to help students choose healthier foods, prohibiting unhealthy food advertising on school grounds, incorporating lifestyle-focused activities into physical education curriculum, creating a school garden, and starting a Walking School Bus program.

Schools accepting the challenge include Wilson Middle School; and Johnson, Hiawatha, Nixon, Garfield, Cleveland, Grant, Erskine, Arthur, Truman, Jackson, Kenwood, Hoover, and Coolidge elementary schools. Harrison and Viola Gibson elementary schools have already been designed as Blue Zones Schools.

Learn more about the Cedar Rapids Blue Zones initiative by clicking here.

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