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Cleveland Elementary Principal, Denise Pape discusses the school’s long tradition of excellence. 

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Noor and Ludovic, 5th-Grade "ELL is awesome at Cleveland."

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In 1983 Cleveland became the first elementary school in the District to have a full-time English Language Learner (ELL) Program. Since then hundreds of ELL students have passed through the hallways on their way to master the English Language. 

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Pam Northway, Principal's Secretary, 27 years at Cleveland. "I love the Cleveland Community."MEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Pam Northway, Principal's Secretary

Years at Cleveland -  27 

What she loves about the job?

"I love the Cleveland Community! I was a parent and have been a volunteer coordinator, paraprofessional , media secretary and worked in the office. "


Enrichment allows students opportunities to experience new activities outside of the normal classroom day. Thanks to volunteers and business partners Cleveland has several enriching opportunities for students.


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Ava, 4th-Grade "I love the hands-on learning and not being treated like a little kid."

Tom Hampton, Instructional Design Specialist. 31 years, "We have a very dedicated staff and principal."MEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Tom Hampton, Instructional Design Specialist

Years at Cleveland -  31

What he loves about the job?

"We have a very dedicated staff and principal. I really enjoy working with them and the students."


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Cleveland introduced morning yoga to students at the beginning of the 2017 school-year. Since then teachers have noticed students are more relaxed and focused in the classroom. 

Dane 2nd grade - "I like that the teachers are really nice here."

TammyCrawfordMEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Tammy Crawford, Paraprofessional

Years at Cleveland -  1, 18 with the District. 

What Do You Love About Your job?

"I love watching the lightbulb go off when the kids learn something new."


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