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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

#OurStoriesCRCSD - Cleveland

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School Year 2018-19

#OurStoriesCRCSD - Cleveland Elementary

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Celebrating Professional Learning Communities at Cleveland Elementary. 

Discussing what is the best for every learner in first grade. These first grade teachers meet weekly in a professional learning community or PLC to strategize how best to connect learning to students. 

"PLC is a time for us to collaborate with each other, share ideas, analyze data, set goals and celebrate the successes of our students." said Ashley Krogmann, first grade teacher. 

The PLC work also brings other school members into the team to create a plan for first grade students. 

Cleveland First Grade PLC

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Linking Students with Resources

Students at #OurStoriesCRCSD Cleveland Elementary have access to a team of professionals that work to build relationships. This mental health team looks for ways to listen to students to learn what is missing in their education and proactively teach life-long skills. 

TeraCooling"The cool thing about Link is, we help the child find what they need to feel supported and connected in school and in the community. We watch for change talk without automatically jumping to fix it." We provide sessions using trauma informed care, psychological first aid, and motivational interviewing."

- Tera Cooling - Link Program Specialist




Jordan Bouzek - School Based Therapist


"I am now here full time, I can see more kids. I get to see 20 to 25 kids here on my case load for individual therapy. We get to pull them from class and provide the same services provided in our out patient clinic. I also get to be here and get to do preventative services. It means I get to work one on one with a couple of teachers working with their classrooms to make their rooms more trauma informed." 

- Jordan Bouzek - School Based Therapist




Andrea Playle - School Counselor


"Mental health in children is every increasing we know that nationwide and so being able to serve kids where they are at is amazing just in a sense that schools are one of the few places where we have all kids regardless of income or regardless of demographics where they live and we get the opportunities to education them and so if we can education and help them with their mental health that is just another part of the whole child development."

- Andrea Playle - Cleveland School Counselor

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I love my teachers, because they are kind and they really care about us. - Jonathan

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I really like to read. When I read it just makes me really happy! I just  can't stop when I get Hooked on a certain part.  - Emma

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I love that everyone is so nice, I just love it. Everyone just makes me laugh. Welcomes me, and makes me feel safe. And I just like that about Cleveland.  - Lillian

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Cleveland Elementary Fourth Grade students in Mr. Wolf's Class used technology to create a video book talk. It made an impression on the students. #OurStoriesCRSD

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School Year 2017-18


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Cleveland Elementary Principal, Denise Pape discusses the school’s long tradition of excellence. 

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Noor and Ludovic, 5th-Grade "ELL is awesome at Cleveland."

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In 1983 Cleveland became the first elementary school in the District to have a full-time English Language Learner (ELL) Program. Since then hundreds of ELL students have passed through the hallways on their way to master the English Language. 

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Pam Northway, Principal's Secretary, 27 years at Cleveland. "I love the Cleveland Community."MEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Pam Northway, Principal's Secretary

Years at Cleveland -  27 

What she loves about the job?

"I love the Cleveland Community! I was a parent and have been a volunteer coordinator, paraprofessional , media secretary and worked in the office. "


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Enrichment allows students opportunities to experience new activities outside of the normal classroom day. Thanks to volunteers and business partners Cleveland has several enriching opportunities for students.


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Ava, 4th-Grade "I love the hands-on learning and not being treated like a little kid."

Tom Hampton, Instructional Design Specialist. 31 years, "We have a very dedicated staff and principal."MEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Tom Hampton, Instructional Design Specialist

Years at Cleveland -  31

What he loves about the job?

"We have a very dedicated staff and principal. I really enjoy working with them and the students."


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Cleveland introduced morning yoga to students at the beginning of the 2017 school-year. Since then teachers have noticed students are more relaxed and focused in the classroom. 

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Dane 2nd grade - "I like that the teachers are really nice here."

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TammyCrawfordMEET Cleveland's STAFF

Name -

Tammy Crawford, Paraprofessional

Years at Cleveland -  1, 18 with the District. 

What Do You Love About Your job?

"I love watching the light bulb go off when the kids learn something new."