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This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

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#OurStoriesCRCSD - Garfield


During the school year, #OurStoriesCRCSD Garfield Elementary gives each grade level a chance to visit a different college or university. The mission is to expose kids to the idea of continuing their learning.


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In the era of spell-check, all students at #OurStoriesCRCSD Garfield Elementary are working to tackle difficult words to become better spellers, readers, and writers. 

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Our Stories CRCSD - Garfield Elementary

Hear from Joy Long, principal of Garfield Elementary how the school is a No Excuses University School, the first in Iowa.  

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What I love about the teachers here, is I love that they help me learn and that they take care of us and keep us safe. - Deonji Third Grader

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Volunteering and volunteers are at the heart of Grant Wood Elementary. This school leads the district in volunteer hours. Once you start volunteering, the school makes you part of their family.

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Image of fourth grade teacher Darcel Pledge who loves all the kids


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Meet Grant Wood second grader Violet. She shares with you her thoughts on her teacher and all the other teachers at Grant Wood. 

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What I love about Garfield is Everything - Emma 3rd grader

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Meet Hope Garbutt, Garfield's Instructional Design Strategist MEET Garfield's STAFF

Name -

Hope Garbutt, Instructional Design Strategist

Years teaching - 17 
Years at Garfield - 4

What she loves about the job?

I love the transition of going from teacher to IDS, I get to go into classrooms and see all the wonderful work we are going. IDS is very special in that we have the calm school code this year and kids are buying into that and following that, it’s just a nice place to be for all of us working and learning.”

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Fourth grader Laryssa - I love that they help us when something is wrong

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This Fifth Grade Grant Wood Griffin shares one of his proud moments at the school. It just so happens to be a unique water fountain.


Meet Brian Meyer, Garfield Elementary Special Education FacilitatorName -

Brlan Meyer, Special Education Facilitator

Years teaching - 6 all at Garfield 

What he loves about the job?

“I love the people 100%, the staff is great, the kids are great. I can start with the staff, they work harder than just about anyone I have ever been around in my life They are very collaborative, they work together, and they really know the kids. Each kids no matter which class they’re in is looked at, as one of our students, you don’t see, he is mine or she is mine, they are all Garfield students. We really work together to have our school wide norms every  piece of Garfield is trying to point in the same direction so one big community and they are all of our kids. And obviously, the kids are at the center of everything, love working with kids."  

The best thing about Garfield is it is an inspiring place for kids - Raymarion, 4th grader