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This week we are celebrating Harding Middle School. Principal, Linda Reysack shares the school’s strategy of having students comfortable and engaged at this time of their lives making them #FutureReady.

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Taylor - 8th Grade "I like the freedoms and opportunities offered.

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Harding Middle School has developed an adaptive Physical Education program for students with a variety of different needs and abilities. The program is designed to overcome obstacles and create life-long habits of physical activity. 

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Marty Knake - Social Studies teacher., I like that there is somehting different with the kids everyday.MEET Harding's STAFF

Name -

Marty Knake, Social Studies Teacher

Years at Harding -  33

What he loves about the job?

"There is something different going on with the kids every day and I love working with the staff."


Harding’s Program for Academic and Creative Talent (PACT) is to enhance and support the educational program and experience of high ability students to prepare them to become world-class learners and responsible citizens.



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Jean Paul - 8th-Grade I like that the ELL teachers help you with the subjects.

Julie Feltes - Administrative Support, "I like the staff and students I see everyday."MEET Harding's STAFF

Name -

Julie Feltes, Administrative Support

Years at Harding -  10

Years at with CRCSD - 15


What she loves about the job?

"I like the staff and students I get to see everyday."


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Roughly ten-percent of Harding’s student population is an ELL (English Language Learner) student. In the five years since the program was introduced to the school it has welcomed and educated hundreds of students. 



Jessica Wrage-Teacher Librarian, "I like that there is a great culture of reading at Harding."MEET Harding's STAFF

Name -

Jessica Wrage, Teacher Librarian

Years at with CRCSD - 12

Years at Harding -  1 

What Makes Harding a Special Place to Be?

"There is a great culture of reading at Harding. Teachers from across all curriculums recommend reading."


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