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Hiawatha Elementary School Principal, Stephen Probert discusses how the schools caring community and dedication to learning make this a special place for both students and staff. 

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Samuella 5th-Grade, She loves the teachers at Hiawatha

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Hiawatha Elementary school has several options for students to preform musically. One is the 5th-grade musical that students eagerly wait to be a part of.  Another is the Hiawatha Highlights that not only teach 4th and 5th-graders how to sing and dance but also to become leaders.

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Lisa O'Donnell - 3rd Grade Teacher - She loves working with the dedicated staff.MEET Hiawatha's STAFF

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Lisa O'Donnell, 3rd-Grade Teacher

Years at with CRCSD - 22

Years at Hiawatha -  20

What she loves about the job?

"I love this school, I feel so fortunate to be part of a building where the staff is so dedicated."


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Hiawatha Elementary has a core of compassionate and caring people. A girls after school running group mixes both physical fitness with compassion to help with the school’s uplift effect. 



Emma - !st-grade We learn to get along at Hiawatha.

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Hiawatha Elementary has over 80 students in their English Language Learners program. While the students are taught English during the school hours often it is not the primary language spoken at home. Study Buddies are volunteers that work with students to give them additional practice in using the language.


Brett Proskovec - Paraprofessional I enjoy working with the students and have an appreciation for teachers.MEET Hiawatha's STAFF

Name -

Brett Proskovec, Paraprofessional 

Years at Hiawatha -  2.5

What Makes Hiawatha a Special Place to Be?

"I come from a marketing background and the staff helped me get settled. I have a appreciation for the teachers and I enjoy working with students."


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J.B. 3rd-grade - I love math.

Tanner P.E. Teacher I like that the kids are excited about coming to school.MEET Hiawatha's STAFF

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Tanner Roos, P.E. Teacher 

Years at CRCSD - 14

Years at Hiawatha -  8

What Makes Hiawatha a Special Place to Be?

"I love that kids come to school and are excited about being here with their hugs and big smiles"