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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

#OurStoriesCRCSD - Jackson


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This week we visit Jackson Elementary. Nick Duffy shares that the secret of this school that is tucked away on the Northwest side of the city. #OurStories #Jackson

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Gale SkogmanMEET Jackson'S STAFF

Name and position

Gale Skogman, Building Secretary

14 Years at Jackson


What she loves about her job?

"I love the variety of the job and the kids. I get up up every morning with a smile on my face going to work because I love everyone I work with."

Jadyn - I like everything at Jackson, especially the way Mrs. Meyers teaches math.Content here.

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Jackson instructs K-5 students from across the District that is considered deaf or hard-of-hearing. The program gives students several options to meet their learning needs. #OurStories #Jackson


I like Jackson because if you excel in a class they give you more challenges,

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Beth Betts has been an educator with Jackson Elementary for the 12 years. In the 2017-2018 school year, blended learning was added to her classroom. She says the program is successful with students being engaged and feeling empowered like never before. #OurStories #Jackson


MikeFritzMEET Jackson'S STAFF

Name and position

Mike Fritz, 4th-Grade Teacher

23 Years at Jackson / 28 With the District


What he loves about his job?

"My job changes every day. I like to see how students have changed and how I can impact them for the better."

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Jackson has several after-school clubs for students to choose from throughout the school year. One popular club is Film. Students create, write, shoot, and edit a video to share with the school. #OurStories #Jackson

Jamie ScheuermanMEET Jackson'S STAFF

Name and position

Jamie Scheuemanr, 2nd-Grade Teacher

2 Years at Jackson / 11 with the District


What she loves about her job?

"I like to watch the light bulb go off with the kids when they learn something new. They have different strategies and insights in what they've learned and you can see that down the line."

Lucas - I like when we have competition with teachers because if we win we get an extra recess.