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Generations of students have passed through the hallways of Madison Elementary. The school’s principal shares what makes this smaller school that's tucked away in a neighborhood so special.

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JoanieEngelbrechtMEET Madison'S STAFF

Name and position

Joanie Engelbrecht, Kindergarten Teacher

19 Years at Madison


What she loves about her job?

"I love how kindergarteners are always excited and love to share things and are ready to learn each day."

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Madison students use data binders to track the progress of their educational experience.

I want to be a copp if bad people don't behave or do their PARRT I'll send them to jail.  Amir, Kindergarten

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Community service has always been a large part of the Madison educational process. Students learn to pay-it-forward as they move into middle school

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When I grow up I want to be president. Asher, Kindergarten

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I like Mr. Girdner because if we did not have a principal who would make up the rules? Cole, 1st-grade

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Each month a mixture of K-5 students meet all over Madison school. These “Friendship Groups” allow students to make new friends they may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.