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This important video is from Superintendent Noreen Bush. Please take a few minutes to absorb the heartfelt back-to-school message.

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#OurStoriesCRCSD - Pierce

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It's #OurStoriesCRCSD at Pierce Elementary! Last year, Pierce won the Healthiest School in the State Award. This year, once again it was a finalist. See what this school is accomplishing to keep students healthy!

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Pierce MC Art

At Pierce Elementary, the IMC has many colorful art displays that help promote an excitement of reading. Media Secretary, Stacy Glidewell says it takes about 8 hours to paint each piece and she loves to share her art to encourage students to read.

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Boosting reading access provides kids more opportunities to connect with what they are learning in school. A team of volunteers works daily to provide an at-home reading option at Pierce Elementary. #OurStoriesCRCSD

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Treasia 4th Grader

"When I was little I didn't like to read, but now I love it. Reading is AWESOME! It's the best thing I like to do in school. My teacher has really helped me improve my reading scores." Treasia - 4th Grader, Pierce Elementary. #OurStoriesCRCSD

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Kathleen Ziegler may be new to Pierce Elementary as their principal but a relationship began with her children attending the school years ago. Kathleen discusses the school’s academic success and rich traditions from that of a parent and administrator. 

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Jovountae - Becasue of my teacher and a New Year's resolution I am going to get better grades.

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Janette and Aaron Stecker have been part of the Pierce and Kennedy community for nearly two decades. When the two settled in Cedar Rapids they made a point to be a part of their students’ lives from elementary school through high school.

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Julie Plante, Principal's Secretary- 18 years. "No two days are the same."MEET Pierce's STAFF

Name -

Julie Plante, Principal's Secretary

Years at Pierce -  18, 20 with the District

What he loves about the job?

"There are no two days that are the same and I love kids and the Pierce community."


When Pierce Elementary School’s playground equipment became unsafe and its future became unclear, the Pierce PTA stepped-up to purchased a new one. After years of fundraising and applying for grants the group was able to raise the $70,000 necessary and the new equipment was installed in 2017.


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Ellis, 1st-grade "We learn a lot here and we get really smart."

Christine Sepulveda, 5th-grade teacher "I love when students discover they can do something they didn't know that they could."MEET Pierce's STAFF

Name -

Christine Sepulveda, 5th-Grade Teacher

Years at Pierce -  17

Years at with CRCSD - 18


What she loves about the job?

"I love the dedicated teachers and families but I also love being around children when they discover they could do something that they could not do before."


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Community Circle Time has become a standard way of beginning the school day at Pierce Elementary School. The time is spent with students and staff discussing how their night went and what kind of day they expect to have. This is also an opportunity for students that may be shy to become more involved in classroom activities.

Keleecia, 5th-grade "I love how the teachers are really fun and smart."

Stephanie Colbert, School Counselor 12 years. "There is a family feel here."MEET Pierce's STAFF

Name -

Stephanie Colbert, School Counselor

Years at Pierce -  12 

What Makes Pierce a Special Place to Be?

"There is a family feel and we all help each other to put the kids first."


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