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School Year 2018-19

As CRCSD first middle school magnet school, Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy is learning as it grows into its second year. 

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At RCCBA, students are taking their learning to another level. Students are using the design process, to pitch, create, refine a project. This video showcases a language arts project. RCCBA students created a project to teach elementary students. Students had assistance from community partners to refine their ideas and will create a final piece to share with the community at an upcoming project showcase.  

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Kate Riley, 6th Grade Teacher RCCBAThoughts from Kate Riley - RCCBA Teacher

“I think elective block classes are really awesome experience for students because they provide a high level of choice for them and high interest, they are very engaging and they help to well round their education in a way that prepares them for the work force and for other areas of life that traditional schools cannot provide for.”

“I like teaching them because they are a lot of fun. It gives me the opportunity to teach things that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to that I am passionate about and then when the kids see that passion hopefully resonates and wears off on them too."

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“It makes me feel like a leader because I am helping the 6th Graders at RCCBA. We are helping them out, choosing their second semester block, helping them find the classes that they would like to have to learn.”  

-Piper, 8th Grader

Photos of 6th graders reviewing elective classes with the help of Piper

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School Year 2017-18


Autumn Pino, Principal of Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy, shares how the school’s rich traditions compliment the transformation into a Magnet School and students being #FutureReady.

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Aerionna- Wants to be a Civil Rights Attorney or Basketball Coach


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Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy is the first magnet middle school in the District. Lindsay Micek, Magnet Coordinator, shares how students take what they learn and apply it to real-life business experiences.

Marcus Martin- Campus Security- 7 years with District- He's and advocate for students.MEET Roosevelt's STAFF

Name -

Marcus Martin, Campus Supervisor

Years at Roosevelt?

5 years and 7 total with the District.

What he loves about Roosevelt?

"I am an advocate for students. I try to help them out and give them a sense of belief." 

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The Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy offers innovative teaching to their students. Whether it is constructing a Pollinator Zone in the city or a dance marathon for their school, students get hands-on experience every step of the way.

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Lillian- She love science becasue it has exact formulas. Roosevelt provides opportunitues to meet people.

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With the onset of puberty and a dramatic change to their routine, middle school can be a trying time for students. Roosevelt Counselor, Richard Jackson discusses how he builds relationships with students to keep them on the right path.

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Adonis- Loves math and wants to be a business manager.

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Roosevelt celebrates one of the most diverse student populations in the District. The middle school staff believe that with a combination of caring about their students and bringing them together, everyone can achieve great things.