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Wright Elementary School's, Brian Krob shares how the staff creates a 21st-Century learning environment by being student centered.

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"At School we get to do math and play. I want to be a mommy when I grow up." .Jayla 1st-grade


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One of the most popular Wright activities for 3rd and 4th-graders is the pen pal exchange program with Rockwell Collins. For the past 17 years students have shared their interests, hobbies and dreams with a counterpart across town. Teachers say the outreach program shows students a life outside of the school walls and the Rockwell staff find a new friend that they may be able to get interested in science. The pairs do get to meet when Wright hosts the Rockwell team for a celebration and science activities.

Brent Paulson, P.E. Teacher for 17 years.MEET Wright's STAFF

Name -

Brent Paulson, P.E. Teacher

Years at Wright? 17, 18 with District  

What he loves about the job?

"I enjoy continuing the classroom work by building relationships and communication skills."

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Jim and Jean Ruehlow are 4th-grade teachers at Wright Elementary School. They not only have classrooms next door to one another but they have been married for the past 13 years. They use their unique situation to be role models by creating a family atmosphere for students.

I like how the teachers at Wright are here to help you. Aanya, 4th-grade

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Wright Elementary staff know the importance of having a strong relationship with students. Before the school year begins staff take a bus trip around the neighborhood to meet new families and to stay connected with current ones. The relationship then continues throughout the year when students are greeted as they come in each day.

Megan Froelich Health Secretary, 17 years,MEET Wright's STAFF

Name -

Megan Froelich, Health Secretary

Years at Wright? 17

What she loves about Wright?

"If you show up everyday and love a student for who they are you will make a difference."

I like math becasue it will help me in my future. Vincenzo, 5th-gradeGreen Line, no text

Lindsay Boleyn, 2nd-grade Teacher for 17 years.MEET Wright's STAFF

Name -

Lindsey Boleyn, 2nd-Grade Teacher

Years at Wright? 17

What she loves about her job?

"I teach because I like building relationships and being a positive role model...I want to make students emotionally, socially and academically prepared."