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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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Staff Kudos

CRCSD Staff Kudos!

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I just wanted to take a moment and say how lucky we are as a district, and community to have Tara Troester working with us. Last night’s event at the Kirkwood Regional Center was impressive, the level of participation by local College and University Faculty along with Students from those programs was awesome to see. I’m not sure what kind of recognition gets passed on to a staff member providing that level of organization, but I wanted you to know this event gets better every year. --submitted by Shannon Ellis

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Kudos to Shanna Hawkins who is one of our amazing St. Luke's therapist assigned to Polk AEC. She spearheaded the Polk Wish List project and was able to fundraise enough money to provide gifts to all of the students at Polk for Christmas. Along with her team of elves they purchased, wrapped and delivered all of the gifts to our students and families. She is a ray of sunshine that brightens our building daily with her "wonder". Thank you Shanna for all that you do for Polk students and staff. --submitted by Cindy Frese

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You guys Rock! Taking on the task of fridge cleanout was very brave :-) Thank you! -- submitted by Toni White

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Gratitude and admiration for Payt Bergert who demonstrates dedication, commitment, and deep concern for his students every day. His recent student compassion appreciations have really struck a chord with parents and kids. Mr. Bergert is teaching character and kindness to his third graders and they are shining under his guidance! --submitted by Rita McCord

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