On April 17, 2020, Governor Reynolds announced that all Iowa school building shall be closed for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19.

Nutrislice - School Menus for 2018-19!


Nutrislice puts our menus in the palm of your hand. With Nutrislice, we are empowering you. Our students and families can now access our school menu options via the web or mobile app which offers powerful features to proactively engage in a personalized approach to your child’s nutritional experience:

  • View our menus in over 50 languages.
  • Access nutrition information—including carbohydrate values—to make decisions as a family that are aligned with a child’s dietary needs and preferences.
  • Access photos, descriptions, and allergen information of menu items.
  • Increase your awareness of menu options and make informed decisions with your child.

What else can you expect?

  • Filtering and highlighting capabilities for allergens and specific ingredients
  • Identification of USDA’s MyPlate components for building a balanced meal
  • An option to provide feedback and rate menu items
  • Push notifications to customers (for instance, if an altered school day impacts breakfast or lunch service) *must choose schools as “favorites” to receive these school-specific notifications

All you need to do:

  • Download our free mobile app (search for “Nutrislice”)
  • Access online menus and information through this link.

We are just getting started.  Be sure to check often as we build upon features of Nutrislice. 

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