Oct 19th Placement Changes Begin for PK-8th

CRCSD Families,

We are so excited to be able to offer you options for your students as we navigate through the challenges of the 20-21 school year.  As you know, we have allowed families to make adjustments to their students' learning environment based on their needs at this time.  With changes to student environments also come changes with staffing.  

All staffing and student placement changes will take place and begin on Monday, Oct. 19th.  If your child is now moving to in-person instruction, they will report to their school on Monday morning.  If they are now a remote learner, they will report online beginning on Monday morning.  

We are working diligently to make sure we honor and value health and safety, family choice, as well as the social and emotional aspects of learning.  With that said, we need to balance class sizes and make sure we have the staff to align to the environments where we have student needs while maintaining in-person ratios that allow for needed safety measures.  

For this reason, there will be some changes to remote classroom teachers.  As our numbers shift to more students returning on-site, we also need to shift more of our teachers back into our buildings.  For this reason, there will be some adjustments to in-person instructors as well.  These shifts will only occur when and where needed.  Many families will not feel the impact of these changes.

Now that we have allowed these placement changes to occur, we are keeping all students in their current locations and settings until the end of the 1st semester, which is January 22nd.  We will be re-evaluating our instructional models as well as the covid pandemic at that time to determine whether or not changes need to be made for 2nd semester.  

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to make each and every student, future ready.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal with any questions or concerns and thank you for your continued partnership. 

With gratitude,
Nicole Kooiker, Deputy Superintendent

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