Green Team Awards


2018 - 2019 Green Team Awards

The awards are for Cedar Rapids Community School District employees and students only.

To apply for an award click on any of the application links and fill it out.

Award applications are due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

You can apply for more than one award.

Award winners will be announced at the Green Team Celebration on May 23, 2019.

Below is a list of awards and their evaluation criteria for winning.


Water Conservation Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Education on the benefits of clean water.
  • Implementation of conservation methods and programs. (Student Water Audit, Water Collection/Recycling Methods, Automated Irrigation systems, Purchase of EPA “Water Sense” Appliances and fixtures.)
  • Water Conservation Awareness through posters, announcements, assemblies and social/video media.
  • Water Reduction from previous school year.


Energy Conservation Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Education on Yesterday, Today, and the Future sourcing of energy and the environmental benefits of energy conservation.
  • Implementation of conservation methods and programs. (Student Classroom Energy Audit, Classroom Energy Ambassador, Classroom Energy Challenge/Reward programs, Student “Green” Recognition Programs, etc.)
  • Energy Conservation Awareness through posters, announcements, assemblies and social/video media.
  • Energy Reduction from previous school year.


Conservation Leadership Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Teams must plan and carry-out a conservation program that is innovative and involves the Student Body at their building or forwards environmental education and awareness in the entire District.
  • Consideration is given to programs that are sustainable and will be repeated year afteryear.
  • Consideration is given to developing and planning Environmental Curriculum teaching plans.
  • Consideration is given to conservation programs and activities that combine schools and community outreach.


Teach to the Power of Green Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Education on the environmental benefits of resource conservation.
  • The school applying for this award must participate in the District recycling program inclusive of milk cartons and battery recycling station.
  • Create Videos, skits and newsletters that are focused on environmental issues.
  • Participate in an activity that helps our environment.(Tree planting, school ground litter pickup, storm water label project, butterfly garden, planned walk to school day, etc.)
  • Reduction in Energy and Water categories from previous school year.


Top Team Participation Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Green Team members must meet routinely through-out the school year.
  • Consideration for this award will be weighted heavily on Green Awareness and Education “communication” strategies for student involvement.

                              ☐  School Newsletter

                              ☐  School Assembly

                              ☐  Classroom Competitions

                              ☐  Announcements or Video Media

                              ☐  Green Messages through Poster Campaigns, Art, Post-It Notes, Etc.

                              ☐  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Website)

                              ☐  Photos or articles submitted to the GREEN SCENE Newsletter

                              ☐  Participate in a Community “Environmental” Event or Education Program. 

(Examples: EcoFest, Parades, One Bag Challenge, City of Cedar Rapids Education Program, Community Bike Ride)

                              ☐  Participate in school recycling program

                              ☐  Participate in Classroom/School Energy or Water Audits

                              ☐  Review your Schools Energy Observation Report and Utility Report Cards

                              ☐  Other:



Additional Award Application -

Outstanding Student Award

If you have a student on your Green Team that has gone above and beyond this school year, we would like to acknowledge them. Please select one student from your school who shows leadership, passion, and/or a commitment to environmental sustainability issues.

You will need to enter the student name and the school he attends and explain why this student sets him/herself apart.