Initiatives in Action

Arthur green team!

Students at Arthur Elementary are working hard to limit their carbon footprint! On April 10th a group from the University of Iowa came and presented to the school about the importance of recycling. Students at Arthur have started the beginning stages of composting and held an Environmental Day at Arthur that involved city volunteers that came in to speak with all students about water conservation, wind energy, composting and reusing items for games or crafts.  Green Team students have also learned how to use recyclables to create a growing environment for seeds indoors. Arthur Elementary was able to purchase an incubator for the school and a few students were able to travel to the origin of hatching eggs at a nearby farm to see what the organic environment was like. The students and staff at Arthur are hoping to hatch chicks and have a nearby community member raise them. 

Arthur and U of I
Hatching eggs incubator
Going to get hatching eggs.
Homemade garden.



Hiawatha green team!

Hiawatha educates the community on storm water management!

Storm water is rain or snowmelt that flows over impervious surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and streets preventing it from naturally soaking into the ground. Along the way, it picks up litter, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants as it runs into a storm drain that will discharge it to an underground storm sewer system. This sewer system is piped directly to the closest body of water with no treatment in-between.

Hiawatha Green Team

Hiawatha Green Team Leader Becky Zange demonstrates the effects of pollution to our water.


Hiawatha Green Team Initiatives in Action

3D Model of Hiawatha Elementary School created by students showing solutions for water runoff.

Green Team Members

Green Team members educate community members on the importance of stormwater management.

Together we can take action and help manage storm water runoff in our community!

  • Capture roof runoff with a rain barrel system
  • Avoid using lawn fertilizers & pesticides
  • Pick up litter and trash
  • Pick up animal waste from your yard.
  • Don’t wash your vehicle on the driveway.
  • Don’t do vehicle maintenance in the driveway.
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant a rain garden
  • Start a container garden

Hoover green team!

!Hoover Green Team
Students at Hoover Elementary school took the time to clean up garbage from their school grounds and neighborhood. What a great way to be role models to others and help keep our community clean!
Hoover Green Team   Hoover Green Team




Taylor Green Team!

Taylor Green Team May 2019

These 5 students from Taylor Elementary, created a water conservation game called Stormlandia.  The goal of their game is to help promote understanding of local water resources. They received Honorable Mention from the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition. These lucky kids got to spend the day at the Des Moines Science Center.

Taylor Green Team
Taylor Green Team

Taylor Elementary School held an Earth Day Expo on April 22, 2019. Students showed off their creations, presentations and knowledge of everything from what keeps baby chicks happy and healthy to gardening. Staff and students at Taylor have worked hard to rebuild their green house and thanks to our community partner, Matthew 25, they were able to plant an outdoor garden area. Within the green house and gardens, Taylor students are learning how grow and care for carrots, peppers, celery, corn, tulips, marigolds, and more! Our young green leaders also learned about the importance of eco systems and how they benefit within a cycle through growing flowers from a fish bowl. These students learned how the water is soaked into the string and feeds the flower while the plant provides oxygen to the fish. What a wonderful way to explore the wonders of nature! Keep up the great work Taylor Elementary!