Physical Activity


Team Nutrition: Stories in Motion

Documents include physical activity breaks, called “Stories in Motion.” They are short stories that include action words which prompts bursts of physical activity! Utilize these stories in your classroom for short physical activity breaks

Team Nutrition: Move for Thought

A kit including integrated physical activities for the Elementary School classroom. Designed to help children increase their physical activity levels during the school day, as well as to help teachers facilitate academic achievement. 

Team Nutrition: Walking Works for Schools Tool-Kit

Use this resource to organize a walking club or walk-to-school program at your school that will energize the entire community!

National Dairy Council, NFL and USDA collaboration: Fuel Up To Play 60

A Nationwide movement fighting childhood obesity focused on empowering kids to take control of their own health. Resources for teachers/supporters include nutrition and fitness information. Resources for students include challenges, activities and tracking devices. 

NASA: Train Like an Astronaut

A variety of physical and hands on activities developed in combination with NASA scientists and health professionals that challenge students to set physical fitness and research goals, practice physical fitness activities, and research proper nutrition. 

Action to Healthy Kids: A Guide to Physical Activity in Schools

Peaceful Playgrounds: 60 Alternatives to Withholding Recess