Rodrick Dooley

Executive Director of Equity

Rodrick Dooley

Phone: 319-558-2259
E-mail: rdooley

What are the responsibilities of your office or department? 
My team and I develop and support school improvement systems that empower all staff to transform culture and climate so that all learners have equity of voices, resources, opportunities, and expectations.

Professional History:  
High School Math Teacher, Middle School Assistant Principal, Various Human Resources roles to include Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion, Executive Director of Human Resources at CRCSD 

Fun Facts about Rod: 
The most rewarding part of my job is helping grow staff members' intercultural mindset which not only helps them be more successful in their job but also in their life. I am amazed when people come back and talk about how their thinking and behavior has changed now that they have a better understanding of cultural differences.

I love spending time with my family and my church. Many of you know that I am a Pastor at a church, as well, which keeps me busy but is a passion.

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