School Messenger Notification System

The Cedar Rapids Community School District uses the School Messenger Notification System to provide timely communication to parents and staff members by phone, email and text (optional) regarding school delays and cancellations, District and school emergencies, attendance, and general interest activities. In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver that information, we invite parents and guardians to create a contact preference profile using School Messenger’s Contact Manager web site. This allows you to determine how you prefer to be contacted. It also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review any messages you may have missed.

You can utilize this feature by following the steps below to create an account through the secure Contact Manager Web site provided by School Messenger. Note: Users must have an email address to utilize Contact Manager. To complete the process you must have your child’s Student ID number. (Students should know their number; it is used routinely for such activities as book check-out and lunch. If you do not know the ID number, contact your child’s school directly.) Completion of the account activation process will also require you to call from the same phone number that is listed on your child’s student record.

Steps for setting up your account:

Enter the following URL into your web browser or click here:

1) Click the Sign Up Now link near the bottom of the page. 

2) At the Sign Up page, enter a valid email address and create a password. Click on the link below labeled Sign up now 

3) Complete all fields on the Create a New Account page. 

  a: Note: the password you enter on this page will become your password for signing into the site     moving forward. 

4) Check either, both, or neither of the boxes regarding receiving email or text notifications when you have a phone message.

  a: If electing to receive text messages you must complete the field asking for a mobile phone number, including area code. Do not include dashes in the number.

5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box marked Accept Terms of Service. Then click the button labeled Create Account

6) Check your email to receive an Account Activation email message from This message contains a link to the confirmation page. Enter both the confirmation code and your password to activate your account.

  a:If you wait for the email and then click on the link, it will take you to the page titled Activate Account and the window will open with your confirmation code already entered in the field.

  b: If you remain in the program while waiting for the email, the program will take you to the Activate Account page after 10 seconds. You may also click on the link provided to reach the Activate Account page. 

    I) If you choose to access the Activate Account page in either of these ways you must then copy and paste your confirmation code from within the email. NOTE: Be careful to copy only the code and no additional spaces outside of the letters. If you copy incorrectly, you will receive a message telling you that the code has expired.

  c: Once you’ve entered your password you will be taken to a screen that has a box asking for your ID. 

    I) Enter your Student’s ID Number here. If you have more than 1 student enrolled in the District enter one of the numbers and click on the button labeled Add More to add others. Once all have been added, click Done or Submit to go to the next screen.

    II) If you’re a District staff member setting this up for yourself you must use your Time Clock system ID Number, adding 00 in front of the number.

        1) If you’re a salaried District staff member and don’t know your ID number click here to find it. Then, remember to add 00 in front of the number when entering for this purpose. 

  d: Click Done or Submit.

The next screen will ask you whether you want to activate your account by using an activation code or by phone. The first choice is filled in by default. You must activate by phone.

7) At the Contact Activation you will finalize your account by phone. 

  a) Note: at this point you must complete the remaining steps within 24 hours to avoid having to begin again. Remember – you must also call from one of the phone numbers listed on your student’s Power School record. 

8) When you have completed your call, using your activation code and finalizing your account, you may log back in to view your account. The page will list all messages that have been sent to you in the past 30 days. You may click on any of them to hear the message or read the text. 

9) Click on the tab labeled Contacts to see all ID numbers entered and to Edit the calling preferences for each.

  a) Note: when you have clicked on the Edit link for a contact the page, you will be asked to enter the phone numbers and email addresses you have listed as contacts on the PowerSchool record.

  b) The checked boxes show the phone numbers and/or email addresses that will be receiving each type of message. You may edit this option to determine the types of messages and where they are delivered.

  c) To apply your selected settings to all of your contacts, check the box at the bottom of the page labeled Save to All Contacts. 

10) Click Save when you are done making changes. 

Thank you for signing up, and we hope you enjoy the School Messenger Contact Manager!