Subscribe To Calendars


Use the urls below to subscribe to the calendar you want.

The District General Events are the events that show up on the front page of the District website.

The individual school events will be the events for that specific school and will list all of the events that the school has posted on their calendar.

When you subscribe to a specific school the calendar will include most of the District Events as well as the school events.

Instructions to Subscribe to Outlook 2016


District Event Calendar Subscription Url
General Events
High School Event Calendar Subscription Url  
Jefferson Events
Kennedy Events (does not use these calendars)
Metro Events
Washington Events (does not use these calendars)
Middle School Event Calendar Subscription Url  
Franklin Events
Harding Events
McKinley Events
Roosevelt Events (does not use these calendars)
Taft Events (does not use these calendars)
Wilson Events (does not use these calendars)
Elementary School Event Calendar Subscription Url  
Nixon Events