Pierce Elementary receives Healthiest State Initiative's School Award

Included in the picture (L to R): Jami Haberl, Stephanie Neff, Matt Brems, Jamie Pollard
Included in the picture (L to R): Jami Haberl, Stephanie Neff, Matt Brems, Jamie Pollard

Pierce Elementary received the 2018 School Award presented by the Healthiest State Initiative (HSI) on Feb. 15 at HSI’s awards ceremony. The award recognizes Pierce Elementary for its accomplishments in creating a healthier school.

“We are pleased to present Pierce Elementary with the inaugural School Award,” said Jami Haberl, Iowa Healthiest State Initiative executive director. “The work they have accomplished is remarkable, and their commitment to creating a healthier environment for students is inspiring. They have been awarded $5,000 to build upon their momentum and continue to make additional improvements that will benefit students for years to come.”

Some noteworthy accomplishments at Pierce Elementary include:

  • An annual PTA Walk-A-Thon encourages kids to be active while raising money for the school. This fundraiser has raised more than $10,000.
  • Smarter Lunchroom guidelines have been implemented resulting in students making healthier choices during lunch. Students are also willing to try new foods when offered.
  • Roadwork was recently completed to increase safety on the main street leading to the school, which included the addition of bicycle lanes. Also, bike racks are now available at the school.

Pierce’s efforts are spearheaded by teacher Matthew Brems and District Health and Wellness Supervisor Stephanie Neff. “We feel it’s important to teach students about wellness so they may develop lifelong healthy habits,” Matthew Brems said. “By providing education about healthy choices and habits at an early age students are able to set themselves up for a better future. The greater the amount of health education we provide students, the more informed choices they can make.”

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